polish notes

When you start your own project, full of enthusiasm, and you hear someone from your surroundings saying, “It will definitely fail,” “How do you imagine that,” “Nothing will come of it,” and so on. Demotivating opinions that I didn’t ask for.

That’s why I don’t say anything.


Something here does not begin at its usual time. Something does not happen quite as it should Here someone was and was, then suddenly disappeared and now is stubbornly absent. (Wislawa Szymborska)


Vigeland Park. This poop looks like he puked on a baby 😆 Anyway, I’ll be back here in July I think. I mean to Norway. But more north and with a tent. But the biggest adventure awaits for me in August 😈 can’t wait!

📷 Polish mountains, Tatras ❤️

Adventure Time!

In Warsaw, spring is almost there, bringing warmth and the refreshing scent of spring rain. Trees are gradually sprouting leaves.The birds are coming back, and their songs becoming ever more present. The world comes alive. Meantime, I’m packing my crampons, trekking poles, and warm winter clothing, as tonight I’m heading to Krakow to meet up with a good friend. And tomorrow, we’ll continue our journey to Zakopane, where the rest of our team will be waiting for us, ready for a mountain hikig.

It’s just a five-day trip, but I’m absolutely thrilled for the adventure that lies ahead!

📷 Winter is back

The worst day in my life

Today is the day when 5 years ago, the world stopped for me for a moment. Shortly before 6am, my dad called me, seeing who was calling and at what time - I already knew. I answered and my suspicions were confirmed. Mom had passed away last night. Although she had been sick for a very long time and the last few weeks were tough, and I knew “it” was coming, the message still sounded surreal. No one can prepare for the death of a loved one, especially a mother. It’s been 5 years. It still hurts, but today I can live with it.

Delicious dinner with friends.

Beef tartare, The Alchemist, Warsaw


I had a great day. I passed all of my exams with ease and made a change to my specialization, now focusing on computer networks. My department wasn’t able to provide this specialization, but I was able to find a supervisor on another department who allowed me to join their group. I will now attend engineers’s seminars there.

Are you alive? The bell laughed.

Am I alive? I’m made of bronze and I don’t breathe, eat, or drink, so I guess I’m not alive. I’m also not dead in terms of accuracy. I just exist.

It’s about me during #examsession


Roger That Foods, my favourite burgers. Mokotów, Warsaw.

big burger

This is how I go to bed earlier. Almost 4 A.M., 📺 The White Lotus (2021) ★★★★★ Season 2

tv screen with tv series The White Lotus.  freeze-frame

📷 The Gallery of Warsaw Personalities is a series of portraits of famous Polish artists associated with Warsaw, which can be found on the Łazienkowska Route next to the Central Statistical Office.

It created by Piotr Janowczyk, was unveiled in 2010. It consisted of 25 portraits of famous Polish artists, writers or musicians, whose lives and work were connected with Warsaw, including Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Tadeusz Łomnicki and Witold Lutosławski.

Midnight, the script is done. I’m going to watch an episode of 📽 Wednesday (2022) and go to sleep. Good night.

This is such a very hard month 😢 I promise myself that next month I will go somewhere to reset my head.

Next week in Poland is Grandma’s Day, but I don’t have time then so I’m going today :)

My cat yawns. His name is Papiez, and it means Pope 😄

The Pope

What we’ve got here… let’s see how bad it is 😄😅 📚Spare - Prince Harry

Daily office

🍕Pizza time (with pineapple) ❤️

snowy again

📝The existence and growth of Mastodon is bringing me closer to getting rid of my Facebook account. I use RSS feeds for media, Mastodon for posting, Telegram/Signal for communication. Life is better without aggressive social media.

Bye 2022

It’s been very good year for me in 2022. Not only have I been able to achieve most of my goals, but I’ve also had the chance to meet so many amazing people - both in real life and online. It’s been a truly enriching experience and I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person because of it. I’m hopeful that things will continue to go well in the future. I’m grateful for all the opportunities and experiences that have come my way and I’m excited to see what 2023 has in store. Here’s to hoping that it will be just as wonderful as this year has been!